2017 The Day Begins

Chris & ? with his hearing dog Tamari have their stall of Beer Can Regatta T shirts for sale

Mindil Beech SLSC - Rick, Skip, Adam, Noah, Belinda, Daniel, Paul, Moira, Ryan, Mick, Gabby, Tatf


Mix 104.9 - Tamie, Ali, Greg, Jamie, Lexi


Lions Registration, Announcers & Steward before a hard day


Tynan likes his buggy delivers water with his helpers


NTES - Rhys, Nic, Carman, Keith, Fletch, Tamylyn


A very empty beech and sea - to be soon filled




Lions Sponsored Cancer Screening Unit travels the Territory


Lions bar prepared to quench those thirsty sailers




Two intrepid photographers Sacha and Martin looking for a picture caught by lead photograper Michael.