2016 The Boats

Please email us (Forward Martin) to correct or add any names of boats or people.

Couldn't id Tin Ray With Leo, Chantel, Samantha, Matt, Nico, Eileen, William, Mascho, Lina, Emma.

 and Cheating Crocs, Dinah Beach, Regatta Rejects, Rainbow Boat


Anula Mob




With Coxy, Reils, Verns, Gibbsy

Tipperary Waters

Tinnidex with a crazy water canon!

with Blake, Allan, Darren, Bedros, Daniel

Chardonay Invader

With Alec, Darren, Lockland, Hamish, ben


Valley Vultures

With Adam, Ragain, Kegan

Dukes Mob

Black Pearl with the smoke machine

With Stephen, Pear, Deegan, David, Josh, Dew




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